Alison Barshak is a James Beard award nominated chef & former restaurant owner specializing in seafood. When Alison moved from New York to Atlanta she was disappointed to discover that being far away from the Northeast meant the lobster wasn’t as delicious — something was missing.

She knew there must be a better way than the traditional frozen lobster tail, and through trial and error, proved herself right.

She created a lobster tail that was easy to prepare and as delicious as eating just-cooked lobster at a seafood shack in Maine.

Alison’s Absolutely Lobster® is a fresh split sustainable Maine lobster tail, prepared in Maine, waiting to be cooked in GMO free, high-fat grass-fed butter and a sprinkle of sea salt — all vacuum packed in a special microwave safe pouch, then frozen. Just move the lobster tail from the freezer to the microwave and in 3 minutes it is perfectly cooked and waiting for you in its own buttery lobster broth.

Alison filed & was granted a patent for her microwavable lobster tail.

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